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books i've cried over (in chronological order)

  1. The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender (Leslye Walton)

A somewhat confusing cry, although it is a very sad book, I have read it many times recently and not felt any urge to weep or sob or even let a lone tear run down my face. Although, when you take into account the fact that I was ten, and it was midnight (emotions are weird past 10pm). My memory of this night is a little warped, though, and it constantly changes context – am I crying in a loft bed? am I crying while a babysitter eats icecream? I don’t know – but I do know that something about this book just struck me so much that tears rolled down my cheeks.

2. Where the Stars Still Shine (Trish Doller) 

This, I can still agree with. I’ve cried so many times over this one. The first time I read this, was around 12 years old – similar situation to number one, up in my loft bed, crying silently. (Really recommend the book, btw, it’s good. Maybe have some tissues handy, though.)

3. Before I Go (Colleen Oakley)

Today (1:19am) is the most recent time I’ve cried over a book. And when I say cried – I mean sobbed. For the last 70% of the book (at least a solid hour). Every two sentences. Odd, because I’ve read it before & hated it. Didn’t even finish the book, last time.. Maybe it’s something about maturity. Maybe its something about pent up emotions, 1am, or school tomorrow (I’m going to regret this).

So that was it. My (albeit very short) list of books that have made me cry. Hopefully, no more books will be added, but if I keep up my (unhealthy) reading habit of reading at like midnight.

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julianne Centre for Youth Literature

Oh so many books I have sobbed about! I remember finishing "Brideshead Revisited" in year 10 English and bawling my eyes out - at school! OH and I cried a lot in "Tess of the D'urbavilles" by Thomas Hardy, And "Words in Deep Blue" by Cath Crowley. And "The Once and Future King" by T.H. White. Sometimes I cry just because I finish a book and will miss the characters.

19th Jul, 18